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In her new book "GOD Send Me A Daddy" focuses on the journey of emotional and spiritual healing from deep wounds.

A portion of the proceeds from this book will go to Aubrey's House.

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God, Send Me a Daddy Synopsis

God, Send Me a Daddy demonstrates how the love of God heals and transforms the broken, rekindles the spirit, and redeems the soul, even after complete and total devastation. The betrayal that once poisoned the author's call to ministry has now turned into a source of passion and purpose that will give inspiration, hope, and healing to many. The pages of her pain and trauma evolve into one of the most compelling stories of overcoming spiritual manipulation, abandonment, sexual abuse, emotional devastation, and fatherlessness.

God, Send Me a Daddy is for the broken, for the ones who feel they are too damaged to be fixed, and for the ones that think they've gone too far to be found. For the ones who have never stepped foot in the church, and for the ones who say they never want to step foot in a church again. It is for those that have been violated in the worst way by individuals that could only hurt them the most. It's also for the supporters, the friends, and the family members of the ones in need of a breakthrough, and healing. May this book be the very healing balm needed to aid in mending your soul's pains.


Thank you! For Attending The Book Launch Celebration!

I would like to personally thank all who attended and supported my Book Release celebration. Please click on the buy now link and purchase my book 'God, Send Me a Daddy. Thank you in advance. This events photos are located on FaceBook by selecting the 'view photos. link.

About Tracy M. Sharp

After suffering years of the emotionally exhaustive and physically traumatic effects of sexual abuse, Tracy M. Sharp found her voice and became an author, inspirational speaker and advocate for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

As a teen and young adult, Tracy was spiritually broken and challenged by the deep-seated wounds from being sexually abused by her adoptive father, who was also her pastor. Although her roots had been planted in the church as a child, she abandoned her spiritual beliefs periodically. Pain, resentment and anger lingered in Tracy's spirit as she transitioned into adulthood, leaving her vulnerable to self-destructive behavior.

After multiple unpleasant experiences, Tracy eventually realized the devastating effects the sexual abuse was having on her and her family's life. Finding strength, power and love for herself soon became her personal quest. Through her renewed faith she climbed the mountain to emotional and spiritual healing which was an extensive journey that led Tracy to newfound happiness and peace.

Tracy is an authentic and transparent warrior who has overcome personal abuse and shares with the world her journey to forgiveness and redemption through her autobiographical debut, “God Send Me A Daddy." A devoted and active philanthropist and volunteer, Tracy is sharing a portion of the proceeds to benefit Aubrey's House, a faith-based ministry that focuses on the spiritual and emotional healing for young women ages 18-24.

Tracy is an inspirational speaker, and entrepreneur serving as CEO of Gomer Girl Publishing. Prior to that, she served in event planning and fundraising roles at Nationwide Insurance and United Way of Central Ohio, respectively. Tracy attends Franklin University where she previously earned a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations and is currently pursuing a Masters in Public Administration. She is the loving mother to her precious gift named Hailey, and they reside in Columbus, Ohio.

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